Parking in Oak Park: “Zoning fairness” LOL

I am so glad to see that the non-residents, the renters are not the only ones that have to deal with Oak Park. Il’s craziness when it comes to parking and zoning issues. From this opinion piece, even residents have issues with getting a fair shake about parking in Oak Park, Il how crazy is that? In this article:

It’s time for zoning fairness’s-time-for-zoning-fairness/

The issue that the writer brings up regarding “planning decisions made a hundred years ago” is soooo Oak Park, IL everywhere you look there is something that seems to be out of place with modern day requirements whether it’s parking, street length, etc., There is always someone as this author states, is being denied their rights in Oak Park, Il the same rights as everyone else has just due to the “aesthetics” Oak Park, IL wants to maintain. Change is hard, and in Oak Park, IL it is even harder because everyone knows that the author should have easy access to parking as every one of his neighbors,

But that may mean cutting down a tree, or increasing the width of the street and carving up a couple feet of lawn to make these alterations. From what I have experienced here in Oak Park, IL I doubt that the author’s neighbors are up for that! I doubt they want to see those changes put into effect, because that you see will change their property as well, and being in Oak Park, Il means not what is fair, but the whole “me me me” attitude I previously spoke about. It means that these neighbors would lose what is special about them, it means that they would be equal to the author and that just cannot happen.

I think that if the author had the support of his block maybe a letter to the editor would not be his only option, maybe he could start a petition that shows that his neighbors are okay with the actions he is proposing and the local government may act. But again, there is a need for support and from what I see around here, people like things just like it was 1899. They do not want to change, they do not want to help their neighbor’s out of a jam, their attitudes seem to damper the potential of what this village could be.

I wonder if this author had an online petition to change the parking rules would anyone on his block, or in the village for that matter, sign it? Would anyone contact the author and lend him their support? At this point I kind of doubt, it, even though this is America where we root for the underdog. This is still, Oak Park, IL, the village where change is hard to come by, especially if that change is layered in common sense. Oak Park, IL is known as “No Park” for a reason and this article gives us another example of why it is.


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