Vintage in Oak Park, IL part 2010: the Radiator

Vintage part ten thousand and ten when dealing with Oak Park, IL, it seems that even that even the building management companies in Oak Park, Il use this term far too often as I have stated in a previous post. Well, I decided to break it all down and give you visual examples of what “vintage” mean here in Oak Park, Il and you can tell time if I am crazy for expecting something at least from the last 50 years or that all the examples I give are okay.

Okay to be paying more than a thousand dollars a month to rent heck even one dollar to me seems excessive for this mess. But maybe there are people out that like to struggle and deal with substandard things and situations, I guess I am old school and want to get what I pay for.

My first example is in my bathroom where I have an old school radiator sitting near the toilet, and I do not mean two feet away, or one foot, I mean when I sit my leg is hitting it! Not only is the toilet crooked, but it is aimed at the radiator making sitting on the toilet to use the bathroom even worse.

The toilet is subject to leak every once in a while when I asked one of the handymen who was fixing the toilet from leaking if they could replace it, he told me “No, it would need to tear up the entire bathroom to fix”. Well, then I asked if they could replace the radiator again it was “no” because the only options were to either leave it or take it out permanently. And this clown of construction told me that it gets very cold in the bathroom when they take the radiator out so it is best to leave it. So imagine in the winter have a hot radiator next to your legs when you are trying to pee or take a shit. Not fun. He stated, “hey it is vintage.” I did not smile.

So again here are pictures of how building management companies use the word “vintage” in Oak Park, Il when they mean they are not replacing anything that should be. Or that may cost them a couple thousand dollars to make things right in their apartments, Nah, keep it like that and state it is a “vintage apartment”. For reference this type terminology in the context of the word: “vintage” is not used in other places like the Gold Coast or Lakewood when I rented in those areas.

My question is that if I am suffering from this stroke of “vintage” construction I wonder how many others in Oak Park, Il and elsewhere, are too?

PS: Below is the Radiator in question (complete with major dust bunnies that was there before I moved in)!!!

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