Parking in Oak Park, IL

What is happening during midnight to 6 am on the residential streets of Oak Park, IL that the cops are giving out tickets if your automobile is parked out there during this time? What is going on during these six hours that all the cars must be in garages, in the side parking slots, usually way down the street, but say only for two or three lucky cars that get those precious 24 hour stickers on their back window?

Is there a major crime spree during the hours of midnight to 6 am in the morning, because most of the crimes I read about in the paper and on the multiple Oak Park, IL themed websites is that they are usually happening during the afternoon to 9 p.m.

Now I can see having a parking ban during rush hours on these residential streets because they are so narrow and, to keep the flow of traffic during this time going. If you have ever driven during rush hour down the side streets of Oak Park, IL you know what I am talking about. You wonder how crazy are the residents or the people visiting them are, parking their automobiles on these tight, narrow, busy side streets.

You wonder if they are worried that they are going to get hit and the drivers or guilty party will keep on going. But as quiet as it is in Oak Park, IL at night I cannot see too many idiots out there creating major crime waves between this time (12 am to 6 am) without being reported, someone seeing something or having a cop run them down. Really I have no idea why this ban is in place, other than a way to make money for the village of Oak Park, IL or to discourage people from having late night parties. Oak Park: the land of the “Fuddy-Duddies”, bores, and the illogical.


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