Parking in Oak Park, IL is not your decision!

I have a fresh story about parking in Oak Park, IL. Today I was parked down the street around 5:25pm (6/27) I had my parking stickers up to date, was only parked in a spot in front of the houses down the street. So, as I walked up to my car I had the neighbor whose house I was parked in front of, come down and knock on my window. I rolled down the window because it was very hot outside as I started my car.

This lady stated that she sees that I parked “here” often and asked me if I could move my car up when I park or back so that I am not blocking the sidewalk path that goes from the main sidewalk to the street. I said nothing I simply, without flinching cut on my turn signal and drove away. Without a response, this is the problem with Oak Park, IL people who think that they can tell people what to do never mind the fact I PAID for the stickers to park on a public street.

Oh, and that moving forward a bit? I would be in front of a fire hydrant because I made sure I was aligned up with the yellow hazard line for the hydrant so I would not get a ticket nor, offset anyone else who needed to park on the street. And why would I move back? So I could be even further down the street than I am already from my building because of the sucky parking situation in Oak Park, IL?

It sounds like she just does not want anyone who is not like her or that she deems worthy to park in front of her house. But when you have a big pile of dirt on your front lawn you need to sit your butt down God knows what vermin you are housing in that thing.

So move?? Indeed, I will park anywhere I paid the village LEGALLY to park because this is still America, I do not care about her Hillary sign, nor her sign for some funky environmental greenery, she needs a sign stating how freaking crazy she is for coming up to another adult and thinking she can impose her will on someone else like that.

She should instead worry about that big ass mound of dirt that she has on her front lawn! In fact, I will park there tomorrow take pictures of my car (in case something happens to it) and go about my merry way. Why? I just paid for that convenience and it is because we are in AMERICA.

Tell me am I the only one dealing with the crazies around in Oak Park, IL regarding parking or am I the only one?

PS: Yes, without a response yes I left her standing there. Fantastic mental picture right?

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