Oak Park, Il home of the “rolled-out-of-bed” style

I frequently notice that the people of Oak Park on a constant basis tend to dress or style themselves in the “rolled-out-of-bed” style. This fashion theme is characteristic of wrinkled worn clothes, a greasy, sweaty skin, dirty hair that is dry, or greasy always in need of a brush and a wash, just nasty.

These residents have the nerve to wear their clothes tight enhancing the fact, on a hot day they will sweat and smell, often looking almost second hand. When you get close they do smell, either like their dogs that they are so focused upon, or of a sweaty butt smell, of that burnt, been out in the sun all day smell.

Do not get close because they are most likely covered in pet hair of some sort, and its flying off them during a strong wind. I mean I sweat, during heavy athletic activity and smell like sweat afterwards but we are talking about people who start the day as such. As if they turned their heat on in their home to 90 degrees, closed the windows on a hot summers day got totally dressed up (with shoes) and got into bed pulling up their covers and falling asleep for eight hours that way.

And when they wake up, surprise they are in your face dog hair in the air floating, stinking and close talking in your face with their presence. I am not sure if they care, or smell themselves, I think they are oblivious to the fact.

I make sure I shower (and use soap), use deodorant and smell myself before I leave the house. I just wonder that in all the different areas that I have lived in, that the people of Oak Park have this problem with hygiene? Little stinky hippies.

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