Oak Park, IL misservices

It’s funny that I recently (in May) received a pamphlet, nice card-stock type of paper, with great graphics, great layout to the pamphlet, tons of information regarding the information about the services offered in Oak Park, IL. Now, what is the problem with such a thing, it is great that Oak Park is sending out information for its residents to take advantage of the various services being offered by the village.

However, it was sent in May, I moved into Oak Park around July, so how will someone like myself, a renter, in the area be able to take advantage of any of the services in a timely manner (especially if my lease is only a  year)? Like any government bureaucracy, there, of course is a waiting list for these services, and probably as characteristic of Oak Park, IL it is mostly likely a chaotic process.

Much like getting a parking permit, there are probably long lines, confusion, tons of red tape and chaos involved, most likely timely execution will not be a part of the process. So again, how is this information useful for the temporary residents of Oak Park? I wonder how much money was spent on such a nice booklet, to be sent to someone who cannot use it? On others (like myself) who will look at it and just throw it away? How will these services listed in this pamphlet reach those who need it if such a notice is not given to them in a timely manner?

township services (3)township services (1)township services (2)township services (4)


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