Construction at Harlem and Lake Oak Park, IL style

We are Oak Park! We are Pretentious! We cannot commit to progress without endangering all of your lives! Ha! Well, the new development in downtown Oak Park that they are pushing that is the new big thing happening in Oak Park, is running so smoothly that they are giving free gas to everyone! Literally the Construction crew at the corner of Harlem and Lake Construction site hit a gas main and the local businesses had to close down due to this issue.


I usually rant about how there are such geniuses here when it comes to city planning, zoning and construction of various projects here in Oak Park, but at least this is further evidence of such stupidity. Stupidity that is commonplace in Oak park’s bureaucracy it is just a miracle no one was hurt this time around. Of course, you can blame the construction crew for the incident, which probably the local businesses around this emergency did,since the majority of the businesses in this area were restaurants. But as you have more and more contact with Oak Park, and how the village is laid out, the city planning when completed by the thinking mind, well, it gets harder to lay blame on easy scapegoats like the construction crew in this event. Well, you wonder what is going on in Oak Park.


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