Additions to the blog

I thought about it and I have videos and actual pictures from around Oak Park, IL that I have taken myself. So I will be adding those to the blog, and web pages as I update them. It is one thing to talk about stuff, but to add the visual examples or representations of what I am discussing would probably help. I am still learning how to blog so don’t be gentle!

For example, I notice that I should be using “Oak Park, IL” in most of the tags, why? Because there is another Oak Park in the United States! I did not know that until now and I do not want to rant about Oak Park, IL and people reading it think that I am talking about the other one by mistake!

So please comment on my blog or if you see an article that is related to my blog articles/posts or web pages add it to the comment section. I believe it is active so post away! Trust me I am in no way associated with Oak Park, IL just live there and sick and tired of it! Are there any issues with Oak Park, IL that you are sick of?


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