Oak Park, IL and the overuse of the word “vintage”

You know, “vintage” is a word that is thrown around a lot when talking about Oak Park, or when people are discussing either rental units, buildings, destinations, electric wiring or anything that is glammed up to deemed OLD or Obsolete.

The problem is most of the things that need replacing in these situations are either dire or would make life simply better for all those involved but the ascetics are always put before efficiency, the environment or even personal health.

So when you see the word “vintage” in the title of the blog post it will not always be the same thing, event, or item that I am ranting about just FYI. It is just that a lot of the times at least that I have noticed the word is used to simply cover up replacing something that you can tell will cause the defensive party to spend money. Or maybe changing the look or “feel” of an area entirely, poor dears sorry if the 100-year rugged sink is putting crap in the drinking water but it’s got to go because I am going through water filters like crazy.

Basically, like the example I have aforementioned there will be a lot of example of where the word “vintage” should just be dropped out of Oak Park’s 18th-century mindset, all together and it should move forward to the future; or at least to the present.

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