Oak Park, IL blog logo

I was also thinking of a logo for the blog and its connected web pages which deal with the rants and terrible experiences, I was thinking of course “oakparkilblog” as the title then have something like: “where Oak Park goes wrong” or “wiping the veneer away on Oak Park“. Either way, something that belies the attitude of the blog and web pages.

Oakpark il blog themeWe always have a sunny idea of what Oak Park, IL is, but really do not know that is it as cruddy as every other suburb imagined  or worse in some instances. That the ideal and the reality, of course, are not the same.Oakpark il blog theme 2b

But, I want the logo to illustrate that point while informing people of some of the happenings in Oak Park that will dispel the myths we all have or (in my case) had of Oak Park. Basically, that it is not as great as it seems, or how the pretentious residents there portray it to be.Oakpark il blog theme 2a

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