Oak Park, IL construction

WOW! Ok, Oak Park let us have construction down busy side streets  without that much relief for the original parking spots that the construction eliminated. Meaning that the construction sites are of course narrowing or closing down vital side streets near the Harlem green line as is.

But it also eliminates a lot of needing parking (lots) in the area to supposedly build more buildings, storefronts and new parking garages in its place. The problem is there is nowhere to really park until  these projects are done, and it looks like the businesses in the area are feeling it as they are not as busy as they use to be, maybe it is finally a good time to try them out!

It looks like they have nothing else to do since all their other customers do not want to deal with the parking mess in the Harlem Avenue and Lake Street area. Then again neither do I, I hope they stay in business long enough for their customers to try out those new parking garages! Good going Oak Park city planning!


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