Oak park has an unhealthy obsession with dogs

Oak Park has an unhealthy obsession with dogs, seriously, they take them everywhere, anywhere, and be damned if you are allergic to them. I have walked past apartment buildings and literally smelled the dog order coming outside at least thirty to forty feet (from the building)  to the sidewalk.

There is literally dog poop on almost every lawn, public/private and it does not matter if the homeowner does not own a dog or how well they keep up their property. The dog owners of Oak Park are simply nasty, most of them walk their dog without a doggy bag for the poop electing for the poop and leave it method. There are land mines everywhere you go even on the sidewalks (be careful where you park)! 
The dog owners take the dogs into stores as well, and we are not talking service animals nor do they hold the dogs as they walk around in your friendly neighborhood Walgreens. I have a friend who is deadly allergic to animal dandruff and just seeing a dog inside or in an enclosed area almost starts a panic attack but I doubt the owners care about that. There is no civility in this small suburb just a “me, me, me attitude” that does not think of the position that their actions put others in, it is almost like a suburb of 5-year-olds.

These irresponsible dog owners do not think of people who are allergic or maybe just do not want to see animals when they are shopping for a few items. These irresponsible dog owners do not think about the homeowners that have to clean up after THEIR dogs after they poop or the people that have to walk on these dog littered sidewalks. Imagine being a passenger and the driver has just parked their car and you get out to step onto the grass and into some dog poop. No, you are not in a nightmare you are in Oak Park.

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