Oak park is like Lakeview but less GQ and more Dog Shit

How I hated Oak Park the people are pretentious, smug and think the world owes them something. They walk their dogs (you cannot fart without hitting someone who owns one) as if they have not showered or thought of the meaning of deodorant. They look at people strangely without looking at their own appearance which resembles someone who just rolled out of bed  without showering or washing their ass. But of course they are better than you and that’s how they look at you without any hesitation of manners or common sense or good judgement. Just that blank judgmental stare when they see someone that does not fit the mold that their world prescribes. The people in Lakeview don’t have this attitude but if they did they would have earned it because they know about showers and they have higher property values and a higher ratio of common sense to justify that attitude.

Then we get to the dog walking I see, neighbors from two blocks away bringing their dogs over to another block so that their dog can shit on someone else’s property. Then you watch them and can play the guessing game of “will they or won’t they pick up their dog’s shit?” Usually, it won’t. If there is an ordinance about cleaning dog poop up in oak park, it is not enforced. There are land mines EVERYWHERE! You may think “just do not step in the grass” nope that doesn’t help because there is dog shit on the sidewalk, in the street, in the alleys, anywhere the owners leave it. And of course, that brings critters not as bad as Lakeview, but it is not just limited to rats sometimes you have to worry about the ravenous raccoon that is eager to fight you for their prized dog shit (left by the aforementioned owner) when you are just trying to walk down the street.

I cannot tell you how bad it is coming home late in Oak Park you might as well, wipe your shoes off at the door and expect to wash the bottoms off with bleach. Because it is highly likely some lazy ass hippie let their dog leave you a surprise on the walkway to your building. It’s not like you can complain to the management company (thanks, Greenplan!) who like everyone else in Oak Park is okay with that nastiness, and leaves it on the city property and courtyards to fester for your viewing pleasure.

Oak Park is that place which looks nice as you are passing by in a car but don’t stop to walk around, you might get shit on your shoe as a result.


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